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Blockchain Nigeria Launches #BlockchainDev1000 Initiative

The group with the sole purpose of championing the growth, development, and adoption of Blockchain Technology and Digital currency in Nigeria, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, has taken a huge step further in its initiative to advocate for the Blockchain Technology in Nigeria.

This huge step includes a plan to train about 1000 Blockchain developers in a scheme tagged #BlockchainDev1000.

The Blockchain technology has been overlooked by most Nigerians and Africans, mainly due to ignorance about it. Many view the technology in light of only one part of its many uses; Cryptocurrency.

Considering that the volatility of cryptocurrency keeps many people away from it, many link the wariness to the blockchain technology too.

It is this ignorance that the Blockchain Nigeria User Group hopes to enlighten in Nigeria.

This initiative, supported by IBM and Vite Blockchain platform, aims to achieve its goal of 1000 trained Blockchain Developers within the next year or two.

These developers, according to  the Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Chimezie Chuta, will fill the current talent gaps presently experienced in the industry.

Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Chimezie Chuta

There are endless potentials to the Blockchain technology which promotes decentralization and transparency.

It is the solution to many challenges, including health and agricultural challenges. These developers are expected to join the pioneers of this technology and invent solutions for Nigeria and indeed Africa.

The Group still seeks partnerships though, as the training is supposed to be top-notch. At the end of the training, the developers will be certified on:

  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Trading Expert
  • Certified Solidity Smart Contract Developer
  • Certified Corda Developer
  • Certified Ethereum Developer
  • Certified Hyperledger Expert 

The Blockchain technology, like many other technologies, is sadly still in its relative infancy in Nigeria.

This is the time for techpreneurs and investors to take an interest in what might champion the future of money. Hopefully this initiative will awaken the interest of more techy Nigerians.


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