Blogger and Business specialist, Ufuoma Okumagba

Ufuoma Okumagba is a travel blogger known for her colorful adventures to the most beautiful and obscure parts of the world, as well as the vibrant ways she captures her travels.

Four years ago, she quit her well-paying job, left Nigeria to pursue a Masters degree in International Business in Canada, and the opportunity placed her in three countries for a more practical study. This was how she caught the travel bug.

So far, Ufuoma has visited 25 countries on four continents and explored over 50 cities. According to her, her best travel experiences include sand-duning in the deserts of Peru, horseback riding in Cuba’s countryside and exploring the natural hot springs in Costa Rica.

She is also a firm believer in traveling the world with a full-time job as she navigates all her exciting adventures while being a Business Analyst. In a Q&A session for Zinny Factor, she says: “I am responsible for executing business strategies and passing the company’s key messages across… I’ll be honest, it has not been easy, but when something is a priority, you find a way to make it happen.”

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Hi, it’s me. I’m the one who can go to the highly touristy countries but also doesn’t mind going to countries nobody really fancies, like Bermuda (or Uruguay or Luxembourg, etc) I’ve learned that in the world of travels, flexibility takes you farther. And some of my best trips were never on any travel list. In this photo, I’m in Bermuda, a country I had hardly heard of until about three months prior. If I had said, “Nah it has to be Maldives or nothing” I wouldn’t have visited. ⁣ ⁣ Bucket lists are great for planning but sometimes they aren’t as realistic at the moment and holding onto them too tightly means you’ll miss out on other experiences that could just be as fulfilling. Also, fun fact, there are travel deals to places that you could be taking advantage of, but your focus on ticking off a bucket list wouldn’t allow you to. ⁣ ⁣ There are 195 countries in the world and Lord knows how many cities. Stop waiting to go to Bali or Paris. Go to where you can go now and when Bali or Paris eventually happens, it will even be more enjoyable. ⁣ ⁣ Where have you been waiting to visit? Do you think it’s time to start being open about visiting other places?

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Her tips on traveling with a full-time job include: “First, a good salary is important but when negotiating a new role, I also negotiate days off as part of the offer. It is important to have a healthy life outside of work. In my current job, I get 22 days off per year and I always combine it with a statutory holiday. I never stay in a location for more than 5 days. So, if there is a holiday on Monday, I take Friday or Tuesday off for an extra-long weekend. I also try to be a high performer at work and let my output do the talking… Whenever I am at work, I give it 100 percent, so that when it is time to take off, I can do so with no guilt at all.”

She inspires her readers with the adventures and tips she writes about on her blog

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I had the opportunity of visiting the Long Neck Tribe Village in Northern Thailand. The women (and girls from age 5) wear these heavy rings on their necks because they believe it makes them more beautiful and similar to dragons (dragons are an important figure in their culture.)⁣ ⁣ The rings are not taken off, not even to go to bed at night. The only time they are taken off are during childbirth and when a woman commits adultery. (Almost like stripping her off her honour!)⁣ ⁣ I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of confining women and girls to a particular area and subjecting them to wearing heavy metals in the name of beauty but I am just a traveler, passing by and experiencing. Not much I can do. Also, this is their source of livelihood (it cost 250 baht to enter the village) so it is what it is, I guess. ⁣ You can see more photos + stories of this place in my ‘Thailand Part 2’ story highlight.

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