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Career Ladder: Top 7 Men Jobs That Are Most Respected

When a man comes to a point in his life of choosing a profession to endure, he finds himself looking at the list of jobs that not only pay most but in fact would make him proud of himself. We’ve found out that almost every country all over the world has the same list of most respected professions for men. Pretty curious, indeed, as to what makes these professions to this list, well, let’s take a closer look and find out more.

One of the main points for all the jobs in this list is the money it pays, still, altruism, civil service and raising up the career ladder are the features that make these professions more respected than the others.


#1 Doctor

Almost 70% of all of the respondents all over the world named a job of a doctor as one that deserves most respect. Indeed, the person that not only is dedicated to what he does and is eager to learn all his life, but a person that is willing to dedicate his life to helping and saving others no matter the conditions. It is without any doubt one of the hardest professions to learn, still, being adoctor will give you respect from almost any person you meet. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that sometimes the work of medical professionals is not paid as well as they deserve. In this case the money is not the main issue men go for when going for this job.


 #2 Lawyer

Another job that requires not only studying a lot, but also helping people is being a lawyer. One will have to spend a lot of time studying the peculiarities of the judicial system of your country and learning all the time about the changes in laws. Still, the job is worth all the time and effort. Some cases when won will bring lots of money as sometimes lawyers are paid a % of the money won in the case. However, the drawbacks of this profession, though respected by most, are very obvious – sometimes the lawyer will be assigned to the cases where the accused will be not the nicest person to encounter.



#3 Fire Fighter

This job demands great physical condition, being prepared to risk your life in order to save lives of others. Still, everyone loves and respects a firefighter. No matter the risks, you cannot compare a feeling of saving someone’s life to anything else. Still, the job is definitely not one of the highest paid ones, the main rewarding factor remaining the respect from others.


#4 Project Manager

As IT sphere is taking huge leaps, the jobs of project managers in this sphere are one of the most high promising. Indeed, if one wants to gain not only respect, working as a project manager inIT will be a perfect choice. In addition to that, you will be able to work freelance for some of the companies abroad and thus gain more experience and even more money. This job does involve high working hours and lots of time sitting at the keyboard.

# 5 Teacher

Perhaps the job of a teacher if one of the most respected though in most cases the lowest paid of all. In order to become a teacher you must not only study enough, but be ready to dedicate a life to this calling. True teacher knows how to explain, is patient, encouraging and committed. Surely most of you can name a couple of teacher that changed the way you were thinking, or encouraged you greatly in your life.


#6 Environmental Officer

 In the century of technology and eco crisis, there is no doubt that the profession of an environmental officer is in the list of most respected professions for men. Not only the smartest men go in for this job, but also men with great compassion towards nature and persistence in learning new and in encouraging others to believe in their ideas.
#7 Photojournalist

Everyone wants a job that pays a lot, is creative and allows you to travel a lot. No doubt you have to be talented and develop a set of skills to be able to start a career of a photojournalist, and there is no guarantee that you will be one of the lucky ones to be a successful photojournalist. However, this job is among the most rewarding ones if one gets a chance and will make some event documented in photo. Some of the photojournalists have been awarded with the greatest prize – Pulitzer prize that brings not only fame but respect as well.

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