These Categories Of Job May Deplete One’s Chances Of Getting Married In Time

The nature and prospects of some jobs in Nigeria can be so frustrating ranging from low salary, stress, frustration and working hours sometimes make it a bit difficult for guys to venture into relationship and perhaps, get married.

This is may be due to the fact that most ladies prefer their men to be financially capable to meet their basic needs as well as other miscellaneous; having time to spend with them and all that.

The following categories of job may deplete one’s chances of getting married in time.

1. Teaching

We live in a country where teaching jobs has no good prospect mainly because of the salary structure. On the contrary, teachers earn reasonably well in countries like South Africa, England, etc but here, the situation is so demeaning that an average teacher can not comfortably buy a car. Now tell me how he guy can save up money for marriage?

2. Marketing

The frustration resulting this job often causes nightmares for employees who are saddled with the responsibility of meeting ridiculous financial daily/weekly target. The situation getting unbearable as companies now pay on commission basis, which implies that failure to meet the stipulated target will earn him nothing at the end of the month. Now imagine how difficult it will be for a man to foot his bills when he gets married.

3. Asian Company Jobs

Most Asian companies such as Indians, Lebanese and Chinese maltreat their middle/low class employees in such a way that they subject them to long working hours, huge manual labour and a times, delay in salary payment. For a guy who works with these people, no doubt his sexual performance will dwindle coupled with the fact that the small salary can never meet his basic needs.

4. Contract Staff Position


Most Nigerian companies do adopt outsourcing way of recruiting employees just to reduce their cost of labour. This affects both male and female employees who work tirelessly but never enjoy the benefits of being part of the organization they are working with. It seems better for a lady because she may have a husband, boyfriend or sugar daddy financing her needs but for a guy, such a job is not the way forward.

5. State Civil Service

The widespread of state government owing their staffs backlog of salaries is dominant nowadays that the famine and poverty level is sporadically on the increase. For a guy, who, through this medium of occupation fed for himself may find it difficult to settle down in marriage.

6. Call Centre Agent Jobs

Aside the heap of insults and curse dished out to these agents, most Nigerian companies don’t pay their call centre agents reasonably well and to make it worst, they give them heart breaking daily targets. Most of these agents are always in a rush to end a customer’s call just to meet with the daily target in order to avoid slashing of their salary. Such people may have difficult in venturing into except he has another source of income.

7. Security Jobs

The level of employment is so high that, nowadays, master degree holders even jostle for security jobs since they can’t go begging for alms. It’s not as if the salary can cater for their needs but because half bread is better than none. There is no way a guy will want to marry under this condition.

8. Federal Government Empowerment Program Jobs

It’s a pity that Nigerian graduates are left with no choice than to declare fasting and prayer just to get FG empowerment program jobs such as Sure-p and the forthcoming N-Power programme job with salary scale of N23,000 monthly. Is it this kind of job can can feed children, pay their school fee and other utility bills?


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