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CcHub’s Bosun Tijani Reveals Plans For American Market

After acquiring iHub in Kenya, CEO of ccHub, Mr Bosun Tijani, has shared expectations and strategies to put both hubs on a path to growth and self-sustainability.

A major part of the strategy is connecting iHub to CcHub’s existing partnerships and events, such as Pitch-drive. This Google-sponsored pitch tour has done African startup tours of Asia and Europe.

According to Bosun, getting pitch-drive started in the United States is a target which will make it possible for the hubs to have a permanent presence in the San Francisco Bay area.

“Beyond just a tour, we want to build a strong presence in the Bay Area,” – Bosun Tijani, CEO of ccHub

Besides the existing partnerships between ccHub and big tech companies like Facebook and MainOne, Bosun and his team intend to leverage the growing size of both hubs to get more out of beneficial partnerships.

With the growing number of startups in ccHub’s portfoliS

“Our size will become a major part of us being able to invest in startups, and the longer we stay invested the more we will start to see significant returns and exits,” – Bosun Tijani

According to Bosun, getting a greater return on investment while also leaving the investment to work for longer periods will accrue more revenue for the company.

As part of his strategy, more emphasis will be placed on earned revenue with plans to foster consulting services for corporates, government and development agencies.

Since becoming the CEO of both hubs, Bosun and his team have made it priority to expand and grow iHub by leveraging resources and partnerships available to the central ccHub. With his unfolding strategy, they are on the path.


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