Celebrations After the End of Nigerian Civil War 1970. #Throwback

The end of the civil war that engulfed Nigeria in the late 1960s was marked with a lot of jubilation and fanfare. See a throwback photo of how it went down with some of the citizens.

Nigerians celebrating
The Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Biafran War, 6 July 1967 to 15 January 1970, was a war fought to counter the secession of Biafra from Nigeria.
Biafra represented nationalist aspirations of the Igbo people, whose leadership felt they could no longer coexist with the Northern-dominated federal government.
The conflict resulted from political, economic, ethnic, cultural and religious tensions which preceded Britain’s formal decolonization of Nigeria from 1960–1963. Immediate causes of the war in 1966 included a military coup, a counter-coup, and persecution of Igbos living in Northern Nigeria.
Control over oil production in the Niger Delta also played a vital strategic role.
The end of the war marked a fresh beginning for the Nigerian state with the then military leader, Yakubu Gowon declaring both warring parties “No Victor, No Vanquished”
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