CHANGE: 5 Ways Buhari Promised to Better Nigeria’s Economy


Nigeria – The historic victory and emergence of APC’s General Muhammodu Buhari as Nigeria’s next President points to the dawn of a new era in Africa’s largest economy. When the President-elect assumes office on theMay 29, 2015, the Nigerian masses look up to him for “Change” in the Country that has seen 16 years of unbroken reign of the ruling PDP.

Here’s an extract of Buhari’s manifesto in 5 major areas of the economy for an insight into what to expect;

Job Creation and the Economy:
Buhari promised to make our economy one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10.0% annually; to be driven by ICT, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Entertainment. This is to thrive under a sound macro-economic policy environment, run by an efficient government which preserves the independence of the Central Bank;

Agriculture and Food Security:
He also says he’ll modernize Agricultural sector hinged on a change from self-subsistence farming to medium/commercial scale farming;

He promised formulation of a private sector led Industrial base for the economy, Entrepreneurship Promotion, Economic Diversification and Heavy Investment in Research and Development;

Oil and Gas Industry:
He says he’ll ensure a speedy passage of the much-delayed Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) and ensure that local content issues are fully addressed; Make Nigeria the world’s leading exporter of LNG through the creation of strategic partnerships.

Buhari promised to generate, transmit and distribute power from current 5,000 — 6,000 MW to at least 20,000 MW of electricity within four years and increasing to 50,000 MW with a view to achieving 24/7 uninterrupted power supply within ten years, whilst simultaneously ensuring development of sustainable/renewable energy; Construction of 3,000km of Superhighway including service trunks and building of up to 4,800km of modern railway lines — one third to be completed by 2019 via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement;


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