Chechout Why Every Woman Should Try Squarts


Squats look easy, but the truth is that there’s more to the technique than meets the eye. You can use both legs, or you can do a lunge or even a forward squat. When performed properly, a squat has major benefits. Here are some of them:

Squats Increase Strength Throughout Your Entire Body

It’s pretty obvious that squats are going to build muscles in your legs, especially in your calves, quads and hamstrings. But because your body will release so much HGH, squats will also build strength throughout your entire body.

If performed in the correct way, a squat encourages your body to release anabolic hormones (the natural ones!) that cause your other muscles groups to grow in size and strength. They grow so fast that by the next time you train, you’re better prepared for whatever you put your body through.

Squats Boost Sprint Times

Sprinters work really hard all year round to shave just a few tenths of a second off their sprint time. It’s a lot of work for small, incremental but significant gains.

To shave even more seconds off your sprint time, you could try squatting. Research has shown that women who squat are able to boos their sprint times more than those who don’t squat.

Squats Cut Down The Risk Of You Getting Injured

For some casual trainers, injuries are just part and parcel of it all. Although frustrating, injuries do happen.


However, professional trainers and athletes know that there are preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of getting injured. And doing squats is one of them.

Squatting is first of all safe, and when you do them properly you will significantly cut down the chances of you getting injured. The more you squat, the stronger you will become, which means that you will be able to perform compound exercises without much hassle.

Squats Can Boost Your Posture

If your aim this year is to walk like a beauty queen on a catwalk, adding squats to your workout regime is a fab idea.

Squats work your core, and this means that they work your back. As such, squats improve posture.

After just a few sessions, you’ll be able to walk steady and straight with poise, grace and beauty.


Squatting Helps You To Carry Out Daily Chores With Better Ease

Women aren’t always expected to do a great deal of lifting. That’s up to the man, right girls? But sometimes we have to carry heavy bags of groceries home, while some of us will even lift and move around furniture. Indeed, women are becoming more and more active and many of us are now just as practical as guys.

If you want to become even more useful around the house, squatting will build your core strength up so that carrying heavy bags and lifting furniture is easier than ever before.

It Doesn’t Cost Anything!

Okay, squatting will cost you something if you need to buy a dumbbell, but a dumbbell is really the basic necessity. You don’t need to invest in any expensive equipment, and you don’t need to go to the gym. All you need is a dumbbell, some room and motivation.

Squats Can Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite can be a woman’s worst nightmare when beach season is here. We’ve all seen the pictures of celebrities caught with cellulite in the summer, and we all hope that saggy skin won’t happen to us.

Cellulite happens to everyone, but squatting is a good

way to eliminate it. Squatting boosts blood flow around your joins, and it also sends more blood to your thighs.

Doing squats not only eliminates cellulite, but it can also stop it from appearing in the first place.

Squatting Helps You To Burn Fat

When you squat, you will gain lots of muscle. And more muscle means less fat.

Squatting double downs on your lower body. If you have any nasty fat deposits in your legs that you really want to get rid of, squatting will help you out a lot.


Squatting Will Make You More Flexible

If anyone asks you why you want to be more flexible, ask them why they want to stay inflexible.

Being bendier means that you will feel healthier as you get older. Squatting looks after your joints, strengthens your bones, and can even reduce back pain.

Being more flexible also means that you’ll be a better dancer and a better performer on the sports fields.

Squatting Will Improve Your Workout Efficiency

I’ve seen lots of women spend ages in a gym jumping from one machine to another. The aim is to find the right machine that works for them. I myself have in the past wasted many hours engaging in this ultimately fruitless pursuit.

I can tell you now that introducing squats into your regime is the best way to boost efficiency. Your heart rate will be jacked up, and your legs will be on fire in no time at all.

Squatting Tones Your Bum

Every woman wants a better, more toned bum, and squatting is the best way of getting one.

Squatting also tones your abs – as well as indeed your entire body.

There aren’t as many exercise that are as good at working your muscles as the humble squat. Think of it as a multipurpose activity that gives you a perky, well sculpted and well rounded bum, as well as the kind of toned abs that we all dream about.

Squats Boost Waste Removal

It might sound gross, but boosting your waste removal is important – and squats really do help.

Squats help your body to pump body fluids, and they aid with waste removal. They also help your body to deliver vital nutrients to your tissues, including your glands and organs.


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