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Check Out 6 Reasons To Love Kate Henshaw


Kate Henshaw

She is talented, beautiful and sexy. Check out 6 reasons to love Kate Henshaw.

Kate Henhaw is arguably one of the most talented and sexiest Nollywood actress. presents you with 6 reasons to love the sexy mother, role model, brand ambassador and Nolllywood icon, Kate Henshaw.

Here we go

  • She is Talented.

We love Kate Henshaw for her acting skills. This amongst other ventures is how she makes her millions. She has showcased her talent by portraying an array of characters in a variety of genres.

From ‘When the Sun Sets’ to the unforgettable ‘Stronger Than Pain’, the actress is indeed one to get you excited with her on-screen character.

  • She is Pretty

Everybody loves a beautiful woman, and Kate Henshaw is arguably one of the prettiest celebrities in Nigeria.

  • She is a role model.

Kate is a talented veteran which makes her the perfect role model for upcoming actors. Not only does her skills make her a role model figure, her charisma, spirit and attitude has a huge role to play in that.

  • She is a fitness addict.

All you have to do is stalk her Instagram page for weeks, and you will find yourself inspired to try some of her work out moves.

The actress is 43, sexy and strong.

  • She is  an activist

We all love a woman who knows how and when to speak up. The actress is popular for marching against social ills. She has taken part in protest against rape, domestic violence amongst other social ills.

  • She is all for bridging gender inequality in Nigeria

Kate Henshaw once starred in a movie “A New Dawn”, aimed at closing the gender gap in Nigeria and encouraging more women into government.

The actress also made a move to contest for the Federal House of  Representatives for Calabar Munical/Odukpani Federal Constituency under the PDP.


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