Check Out For a Guide To Travelling In Nigeria While Disabled

Nigeria is not exactly the first country that comes to mind for disability sensitization, but with a few tips and tricks, travel can be made easy for all.

A recent global study by the World Tourism Organisation, a United Nations agency has shown that people are travelling more than ever. There are several reasons why, but top on the list is; travelling is an exciting and relaxing sport. However, for people with special needs or any form of physical impairment, travelling can go from exciting to challenging. Here are a number of tips to guarantee easier travel.

Plan in advance

It is important that anybody travelling should plan their trip ahead but for those with special needs, they have to take special care. Research your destination, ask questions, search online about the location (especially for tourist purposes) and have necessary information ready beforehand. Transportation, spending, lodging and even feeding, all these should be planned, do not take chances. Also, check out medical centres closest to your destination in case of emergencies.

However, one of the biggest things to know is how to get to and from wherever you are going. This includes whether or not the airport or Park has a shuttle or taxi, knowing what’s available will help a lot.

Book transportation and accommodation online

Travelling while disabled [Mobility International USA]

Travelling while disabled [Mobility International USA]

Several transport companies(both land and air) have online booking options, this means that people with special needs can book their buses, flights or hotels from the comfort of their homes and avoid queues as well. For road users, this will also help to select the best seat available to avoid cramped seating areas. Before you depart on your trip, confirm any reservations you have booked. This will help ensure that everything is ready for your arrival and will help them prepare to receive you as well.


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