Check Out For These 9 Side-Hustle Ideas That Can Earn You Income As a Student


For many students, getting a part-time job is the only way to fund their education, while some consider side jobs as a means to make extra income.

Whatever your reasons may be, here are nine flexible jobs that can fit into your busy school schedules.

Digital photography

Even with the rise of amateur photography using smartphones, many still prefer the work of a professional photographer to capture their memories either in digital or print formats. You can choose to work only on weekends when social activities are at their peak on campus.

Fashion designer

If you were skilled in this profession prior to admission, you can easily earn extra cash from colleagues and neighbours by making beautiful attires during your spare time.

Research writer

Final year students usually seek out the services of research writers to help them excel in their final project work.

Hence, if you are proficient in conducting and writing standard research works, take out time to convince your colleagues on your expertise, and charge them for each project work.


Female and male undergraduates visit salons to change their hairstyle from time to time. Hence, you can get trained as a hairstylist or barber, start out styling up your friends’ hair, then create your own market n campus.

Content writer

For those who consider writing as a hobby, here is another way to get paid for your hobby. There is a growing demand for content writers by many digital media platforms and bloggers. Writing for these platforms also allows you to work remotely, and at the same time build your career as a writer.

Brand ambassadors

Becoming a brand ambassador is another flexible job you can do alongside your academic work. Brand ambassadors are saddled with the responsibility of promoting a brand, usually in a specific region.

Since a number of brands target youth, which includes undergraduates, you look out for these companies and apply to be the face of their brand in your school.

Event usher

Social events and parties are common occurrences in our environment. Ushers are usually paid stipends at the end of each event. This is one easy way to support your schooling expenses, and network with people.


If you have the heart of a teacher and a skill for explaining concepts to people, then market yourself as a tutor. You can organize tutorial classes on difficult courses.

Laundry service

Not every student and university staff have the patience to do their laundry. If you do not see doing someone else’s laundry as a difficult task, then you can cash in on this and run it as a part-time job in school.

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