Check Out Peter Okoye Reactions To Alleged Issue With Globacom

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016, there were speculations that Globacom isn’t planning on renewing its contract with estranged twins Psquare.

Peter Okoye Peter Okoye

According to them, the decision was imposed due to the show of shame that ensued between the company’s representatives and Peter Okoye, one half of the Psquare twins during the grand finale of the Dance with Peter talent hunt show and also due to recent family controversies the Giant telecom company is not sure they will remain together and would rather halt their contracts.

Peter and Paul Okoye: Before the money and fame.Peter and Paul Okoye: Before the money and fame.

Peter has however reacted to all this on Twitter late last night. According to him, he has evidence of what really went down during the show and is waiting for Globacom to contact him.

Peter OkoyePeter Okoye’s Tweets


Peter OkoyePeter Okoye’s Tweets

He also revealed a proper press statement will be issued soon.



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