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Check Out Some Of Professor Wole Soyinka’s Convoluted Quotes That Will Definitely Break Your Skull

Wole Soyinka is a great deal of things to various individuals. To a few, he is an author expert, and through his works, a shield of the abused.

Be that as it may, to most of the world he would dependably stay one of Africa’s most noteworthy authors and as indicated by, one of the mainland’s most innovative backers of local culture.

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka Born in Abeokuta, Ogun State on July thirteenth 1934, Mr. Soyinka’s work has taken him everywhere throughout the world. Most eminently, he was granted the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature, the principal African to be respected in that classification.

He has additionally instructed in the best Universities, for example, Obafemi Awolowo University Ife, Cornell University, Emory University, University of Nevada, NYU’s Institute of African American Affairs, Loyola Marymount University, Oxford, Harvard and Yale.

All his accomplishments aside, Wole Soyinka’s command of the English language is out of this world. His books are often read with a dictionary by the reader’s side. Before there was Patrick Obahiagbon, Professor Wole Soyinka was killing us with his big big grammar.

Check out some of his very convoluted quotes below:

1. A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts.

2. I am a glutton for tranquility.

3. Only 4 sets of people can vote for the PDP: (a) those who are intellectually blind; (b) those who are blinded by ethnicity; (c) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands; and finally (d) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses.


4. I cannot accept the definition of collective good as articulated by a privileged minority in society, especially when that minority is in power.

5. There is only one home to the life of a river-mussel; there is only one home to the life of a tortoise; there is only one shell to the soul of man: there is only one world to the spirit of our race. If that world leaves its course and smashes on boulders of the great void, whose world will give us shelter?

6. Well, the first thing is that truth and power for me form an antithesis, an antagonism, which will hardly ever be resolved. I can define in fact; can simplify the history of human society, the evolution of human society, as a contest between power and freedom.

7. No man beholds his mother’s womb Yet who denies it’s there? Coiled To the navel of the world is that Endless cord that links us all To the great Origin. If I lose my way. The trailing cord will bring me to the roots.

8. A war, with its attendant human suffering, must, when that evil is unavoidable, be made to fragment more than buildings: It must shatter the foundations of thought and re-create. Only in this way does every individual share in the cataclysm and understand the purpose of sacrifice. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

9. Colonialism bred an innate arrogance, but when you undertake that sort of imperial adventure, that arrogance gives way to a feeling of accommodativeness. You take pride in your openness. 10. Education is lacking in most of those who pontificate.

11. There’s a kind of dynamic quality about theater and that dynamic quality expresses itself in relation to, first of all, the environment in which it’s being staged; then the audience, the nature of the audience, the quality of the audience.



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