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Check Out The Top 15 Cars Of 2016

In our day and age owning a car is a basic segment of agreeable regular day to day existence. With your own car you can travel, run errands, drive to work, and just drive for the sake of entertainment.

Here are 15 most popular cars of 2016.

1. Toyota Camry

Top cars of 2016

One of the best selling midsize sedans of all time, the Toyota Camry, is as popular as ever. Buyers are especially attracted by the renowned reliability, roomy interior, and clever controls.

2. Lexus RX

Top 20 cars of 2016

At the moment Lexus rules the luxury crossover segment, and the RX is its top current model. The most outstanding thing about the Lexus RX is the design, although you will also love the driving experience.

3. Kia Sorento

Top cars of 2016

If you’re looking for a capable and affordable true SUV, go for the Kia Sorento. It’s a compact, elegant, and very powerful vehicle that can perform equally well in the busy city streets and on off-road terrains.

4. Subaru Forester

Top cars of 2016

Fans of small SUVs should definitely check out the Forester, since it provides confident handling, convenient ride, and plenty of room. You will also appreciate the Subaru Forester’s respectable fuel economy.

5. Honda Fit

Top cars of 2016

The Honda Fit is one of the top subcompact cars of 2016 that makes a perfect first car for young drivers. It can also be a good choice for drivers who need a small, fast, and fuel efficient city car.

6. Toyota Prius

Top cars of 2016

More and more drivers are switching to hybrid cars to save money on fuel and help the environment, and the Prius remains the most popular pick. It’s the best possible combination of affordability, durability, and just enough power.

7. Acura NSX

Top cars of 2016

The Acura NSX was one of the most anticipated models of 2016, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The mighty 3.5L V6 engine provides for a thrilling ride, while the sophisticated design adds to the NSX’s appeal.

8. Toyota Highlander

Top cars of 2016

The Highlander is the blend of SUV and minivan lots of family buyers have been waiting for. Now you can drive your whole family around in style! Decent hauling abilities are a part of the Toyota Highlander’s family charm.

9. Honda Civic

Top cars of 2016

One of the top selling Hondas ever produced, the Civic has earned international recognition for a number of reasons, including high build quality, fun ride, and the famous Japanese practicality.

10. Ford Focus

Top cars of 2016

Despite being a perfect city car, the Ford Focus is surprisingly agile, which means it can handle nearly any challenge. No matter how many new similarly priced and designed sedans are released, the Focus remains on top.

11. Nissan Pathfinder

Top cars of 2016

If you want a vehicle that is famous for its ability to conquer any terrain, get a Nissan Pathfinder. Underneath its sturdy exterior you will find a spacious interior that will make it extremely comfy for your passengers.

12. Toyota Corolla

Top cars of 2016

In addition to being one of the most popular Toyota models of all time, the Corolla is known for offering the best value for your money, which means you won’t find a similar set of features in any models of its class.

13. Hyundai Tucson

Top cars of 2016

The Tucson is filled with exceptional standard characteristics, and with the variety of trim levels and options you can only think of: satellite navigation, all-wheel drive, leather seats, and seven-speed automatic transmission.

14. Volkswagen Jetta

Top cars of 2016

With an ability to comfortably seat three adults in the back, a top-of-the-line suspension, and a variety of engines at choice, and reasonable price, it’s clear why the Jetta became the most popular Volkswagen sedan in a long time.

15. Honda CR-V

Top cars of 2016

Having won numerous “SUV of the year” awards, the Honda CR-V continues to do what it does best – providing the level of reliability, versatility, and power that most CR-V owners find to be just perfect.


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