Check Out These Tweets About Nigerian Mothers And Weddings


Here are a few tweets every Nigerian will understand perfectly!

1. This one about going to other weddings

“Who will buy aso-ebi when it’s her turn?”

3R8XdP 2 normalT.G.O.D @asap_daiz ‎@Leike11

When you ask a Nigerian mum why she went to the wedding of her friend’s daughter,she’ll say ‘so that she can also come to my son’s wedding’

2. This one that is so true

“If not Temi decided to do her own when her mates were doing hers, will I not be carrying my grand kids now?”

Nziy7mcM normalHipshey ‎@JayyFakorede

Nigerian mum’s & snide wedding remarks.

3. This one about money for aso-ebi

“Because see. Nigerian mums know who bought aso-ebi and who didn’t buy and they’re waiting for your own turn”


KvuV3psW normal ‎@Rezimeee

Mum spent £150 on Nigerian lace for a wedding. She doesn’t even know the couple??

4. This one about small weddings

“But you know it’s not possible. Because the entire class of Queen’s College ’75 have to turn up”


Oluafolabi ‎@oluafolabi

My kinda wedding.
No crowd, nothing nothing.
But I have a Nigerian mum so it probably won’t happen.

5. Awkward

“Your mates are getting married, you’re here fighting for jotter”

Z4m1ot2D normalComehome ‎@ComehomeTJ

That awkward moment when a Nigerian mother sees her daughter hustling for souvenir at her mate’s wedding

6. What is a colour code for a Nigerian mother?

“If you like, choose your own. Nigerian mothers do not care”

View image on Twitter

Nigerian mums at your wedding even when the dress code says “all white”

7. No way out of this maze

“If you like marry red oyibo, we having that party son”

N4 ‎@daniel_jnr1

Even If I marry a white girl my mum will want me to have a traditional Nigerian wedding ?

8. Important things first, please

“Priorities people”

ieB vMc4 normalDorovibes.Com Owner™ ‎@Miss_Asabe

Sad News: Nigerian mum leaves her kids in Manchester for two weeks to travel for a wedding..

9. Because you cannot look peng and not have your own paparazzi

“It’s employing workforce common”

10. Always ahead of you

“Have to start preparing”

7UTsc3mt normalKaykay Sunita♥ ‎@2ponmile

Nigerian mothers can never chill! U start dating a guy for a month and they are already picking colors for your wedding ?

11. Because she’s tired

“Mama Moji has called colour three times and I never even call one”

4AieVYh8 normalMide ‎@ayoo_midee

My mom just said you need to start doing your own wedding so me too i can call color…. Nigerian mothers have no chill!

“They will bring food from their houses and branded souvenirs to share at other people’s weddings”

AECJO9s1 normalBaba Oni Gas ‎@manmustwack

LOOOL I love Nigerian mothers. Wedding that is no way connected to them they will cook and share souvenirs. Na ur know wetin dey vex you



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