Chioma Ikokwu Looks Stunning In This Style Temple dress (Photos)

Chioma Ikokwu, popularly known as Chioma Goodhair, is the ultimate wedding guest in this sequin Style Temple dress.

Frequently seen in Style Temple fits, Chioma Ikokwu, also known as Chioma Goodhair, is no newbie to the fashion spotlight. She has been head-to-head in fashion battles with other notable style queens and most times, donning local designers. She is quite fond of the carefree and sexy girl aesthetic, and who can blame her, with the banging body she has.

Being the co-founder of one of the biggest hair companies in Nigeria, Chioma hardly ever has a strand out of place. Here, she bodies this sequined sexy piece from Summer/Spring 19 collection from Style Temple, whose Creative director, OG Okonkwo, has been spotted with Chioma on a number of ocassions.

For the wedding which she attended over the weekend, she paired this with a red clutch purse and silver sandals. She, however, left her neck bare, donning minimalist matching jewelry and a bold make up.

Just about a week ago, Chioma had been spotted in another Style Temple piece and a dazzling fascinator for the GTB Fashion Weekend

The number was a unique dress blazer in Periwinkle, also part of the Style Temple Summer/Spring 19 collection. As usual, Chioma wore minimal jewelry, as the web-like fascinator was already a fashion statement of its own.

There must be a reason why Chioma Ikokwu is always in the Best Dressed Circle whenever she wears Style Temple.

Style Temple’s Best Dressed Circle

It’s in the Style Temple’s DNA to make sure everyone that wears its pieces looks remarkable. However, its recent pieces are using less of the usual soft hues and introducing more bold colours and eccentric styles. The idea of fluidity, movement and, structure still remain. With the change, it’s reflecting positively on the Abuja-based brand.


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