Choosing The Right Necklace For The Right Dress

Necklaces are important when it comes to fashion, the right ncklace on the right dress can make you be in the spotlight.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Befenchy,Chichi Maduka, shares tips on how to make fashion statements with necklaces for different occasions.

Sometimes, all you need to make that outfit come alive is a beautiful and statement accessory. Necklaces go a long way in enhancing your look, and there is always one for every occasion. Whatever the occasion, you can stand out in them and let them speak for you. Here are tips on how to.

Pop with colour

A colourful necklace on a basic dress will make you the centre of attraction; for instance, a yellow or blue necklace on a black dress. Colours attract attention, so, a good way to pop in your outfit is to wear a colourful necklace.


Chunky can be cool

A chunky necklace is usually designed with bold and bulky materials. According to fashion icon, Iris Apfel, who is known for her bold accessorisation and looks, “More is more”. Bold necklaces stand the wearer out. However, caution must be taken when wearing them in order to avoid looking overdressed. Pair your chunky necklaces with simple outfits.

Wear standout pieces

Whether chunky or simple, statement pieces made with unique and quality design materials will always keep you ahead in the style game.

Spell it out with wordplay

Words and inscriptions on clothing and accessories draw attention to the wearer. Say your name or what you feel and believe in, without actually saying a word with nameplate and wordplay necklaces.

Written by PH

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