How To Claim A Tax Refund From The Federal Inland Revenue Service

Do you have a legitimate Tax Refund to claim from the Federal Inland Revenue Service? Below are processes and requirements for claiming your tax refund in a timely manner:

1. Address your application to:

The Executive Chairman
Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
Revenue House
20 Sokode Crescent
Wuse, Zone 5

For the attention of:

Director, Revenue Assurance & Risk Department (RARD) or Tax Controller of the Tax Office where your records are domiciled.​

2. State the precise ground, tax type, amount and date of transaction.

3. For Collecting Banks, it is advised that your applications should be forwarded to FIRS through the Bank headquarters.


4. Request should include your bank details (Name of Bank, Bank Address, Account Name, Account Number, Sort Code, TIN & Phone Number)

5. Application for tax refund should be accompanied with all evidence of payment according to tax type and other requirements as may be peculiar to your request.

Please note that:
All the documents submitted above will be carefully verified and audited where applicable by FIRS and only successful applications will be passed on to the approving authority for Tax Refund, which must be made within ninety (90) days of the decision of the Service that you qualify for a refund.

Source: FIRS

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