Codecademy, Black And Brilliant Launch Africa-based AI Accelerator


Codecademy, a leading online learning platform for technical skills, is partnering with advocacy group Black and Brilliant to launch an applied artificial intelligence accelerator and mentorship programme in Africa. 

After launching their first accelerator together in 2021, the organisations are teaming up again to bring the program to Africa and empower a new generation of tech talent in the region.

Combining upskilling and mentorship, the Codecademy and Black and Brilliant programme will focus on both the hard and soft skills needed to build successful careers in AI. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will master the fundamentals of data science, data engineering and programming using Codecademy’s self-guided, hands-on learning platform.

Participants will also work with a group of coaches and mentors from companies like Shopify, Google and Fujitsu to explore topics like user experience, ethics and bias, and the business of AI.

“As AI becomes more powerful, it’s imperative that people of all backgrounds, nationalities, races, and genders have the opportunity to leverage that power – so that they can make an impact on their communities and the world at large,” said Zach Sims, co-founder and CEO of Codeacademy. “Through education and mentorship, our goal is to empower a new generation of global leaders in AI, equipping them with the skills they need to solve problems and incite change through technology.”

Applications for the Codecademy and Black and Brilliant Applied Artificial Intelligence programme are now open.

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