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Colour Blocking Rules For Stylish Men

It is popularly believed that only ladies colour block. Most people believe that a man should not be seen colour blocking, that in fact it isn’t masculine for men to colour block. You can play with colours as a man and still look masculine, charming and attractive (especially to the ladies).

Nothing is more attractive than a well-dressed man, and what is there not to love about a well-dressed man who is not afraid to step out of the box and wear eye-catching, jaw-dropping combination of colours?

Note: Colour Blocks in fashion means creating an outfit by associating contrasting and complementary, bold and bright, blocks of colours together and this concept is evident even in nature. Take for instance a red rose flower which grows on a bright green stem.

But then there are some rules for colour blocking; below are a few important ones.

Don’t use more than  3 colours: Too many colours will make you too busy. More than three colours is too much going on. Colours are supposed to brighten your skin complexion and make you look good. So, if you wear too much colours, people might not see you but rather the colours.

Combining the right colours: The best way to go with colours is to choose one dominant colour and use the others to furnish/adorn it. The dominant colour should be one that attracts attention. The other colours you add should be more basic and neutral like grey, brown, black, white, etc.

Don’t associate two dark colours. It would look too heavy.

Use ‘separates’ to build an outfit, not just a single garment with 3 stacked colours built in.

For those that are colour-shy, experiment with solid coloured shoes. If colourful clothes make you want to think and re-think, begin by experimenting with coloured shoes. Eg: Blue Loafers look good with blocked pants.



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