Comedian Basketmouth Apologizes To Goodluck Jonathan


Popular Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, 37, has apologized to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan for saying his administration placed the country in a septic tank.

Yesterday (Tuesday, August 10, 2016) the famous comedian blamed the country’s present economic woes on the immediate past government. “Nigeria was in a bad place by the end of the last administration and it was only a matter of time before we would have suffered the plights of Brazil and Venezuela” he wrote on his Instagram page


Basketmouth also clarified the popular belief that he helped canvas for votes for President Buhari. “I NEVER campaigned for BUHARI or ANY other politician. ALL those saying that I did should do everything within their power to “THINK” he stated.

Now after making his controversial statement Basketmouth has retracted his words and apologized to Goodluck Jonathan.


Today Wednesday August 10, 2016 Basketmouth wrote “I have to sincerely apologise at this point that in expressing my opinion in my last post which was primarily to clear the air about who I campaigned, supported or rooted for or didn’t, I was disrespectful to a man I have nothing but respect for. The last President may have had some wrong advisers and consequently decisions were made that will eventually impact on the economy, however I am sorry if it came across as an attack on the man Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.


He further wrote “We all desired a CHANGE, majority voted for it, now we have it, It is definitely a process, a tough one because I know the hustle is real…believe me, I know. I trust it can only get better, let’s just try to be patient.”
During his appearance on The Gist with Emma Ugolee, Basketmouth gave his opinion about the attitude of social media users.


According to him, a lot of people have mental problems, suggesting that they use the access to phones and mobile data to cause problems.


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