Comedian Destalker Opens Up On Years-Long Rift With Basketmouth

Destalker, the Nigerian comedian, has opened up about his years-long rift with Basketmouth, his colleague.

In the latest episode of the Honest Bunch Podcast, Destalker recounted what happened in 2015 where he declined an offer to participate in Basketmouth’s comedy series ‘My Flatmates’.

The stand-up comedian said he received a late call from someone asking him to come for an impromptu shoot — which he declined.

He said the same person called him the following day to ask if he had changed his mind, but he reaffirmed his decision not to participate.

Born Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, Destalker said he later met someone else who criticised him for refusing to work with Basketmouth.

The comedian added that he has tried to speak with Basketmouth on three occasions, but he ignored him.

“Something happened in 2015 abi 2016 that till today, he did not hear from me,” he said.

“I used to do ’38 Comedy Club’ then. That night, I finished performing around 1 am. I dey enter my house na him my phone ring, na him I pick a call, who be this? E say from Flatmates, say you are shooting at 7 am tomorrow.

“I have never been interested, I now said I had not gotten a call before concerning Flatmates, and he now said are you coming or not?

“I said sorry o, do not talk to me like that, I am not coming. It is too late, I just got home. Na him he come cut call.

“Around 10 am, the call came again, where are you now? I said you spoke to me at night, we did not have a conclusion, I am in my house. He started again so you are not coming? I said I am not, he said so I will tell Basket say you no dey come.

“Three weeks later, I met KP, I say, my leader! He say get out. How much you get wey you don dey get pride? A whole Basket send person make dem call you, you tell dem say dem no call you before.

“Till today, I dey go live lounge, I go just shake everybody, I Go Save, Maleke, as I dey shake bros, e go do like say he no see your hand, I don do am like three times, I say okay make we dey like that.”

This is not the first time Basketmouth will be called out by his colleague.

In January, AY Makun said their years-long rift started over money he is yet to receive for a show he anchored for Basketmouth.

Basketmouth, however, described AY’s account of the incident as “lies”.

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