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Common Reasons Your Foundation Looks Cakey

One’s skin is bound to be dry and cracked which will become an issue when applying your foundation but good news is here, there are things you can do in order to prevent cakey foundation.

All makeup lovers can relate to foundation cakey which can be very annoying especially when you are on a date and your makeup washes off with your foundation caking everywhere so embarrassing.

Moisturise: In taking care of the first thing to do is moisturise so moisturise your skin every night, just use a little moisturiser overnight (because some people’s skin are sensitive and when you overdo moisturisers your skin will breakout) your face will be smooth enough in the morning for your makeup won’t be cakey.

Not using a wet blending sponge: We have always heard that when you apply your foundation with dry sponge it comes out nice true but not all the time especially during heat period you have to use a wet sponge to apply your foundation. When using a wet sponge don’t rub it in just pat it in.

Using too much powder: Finishing your foundation with too much powder will make your makeup cake up fast, there are some foundations that you won’t even need to use any powder to finish it up but if you need to add powder to cover pimples or acne marks just use a tiny bit of powder.

Doing your makeup in a hurry: If you rush your makeup there is no way it won’t cake, after moisturising your face let it get dry before you apply foundation but if you apply foundation immediately it will slip and becomes cakey at the end.






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