Coven Works Names Dunsin Fatuase As New Country Director

As demand for the value that Coven Works delivers to the global market increases, expansion and reformation are bound to be the management stride.
With its presence in Nigeria since 2018, Coven Works has been on the move to prepare the African Market for tomorrow’s workforce.

This they have successfully achieved by carving a niche through hands-on training of over 2000 Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineers within this period of operation.

While the Coven Works African team, has done an incredible job over the years, it’s evident that the organization is poised to listening to the local growing demands and has raised the bar by announcing a Country Director to lead the expansion of its offerings into more regions and areas of works in Nigeria as a part of its Africa-wide coverage.

Coven Works has announced Mr. Dunsin Fatuase, who was formerly the Data Science and AI Programs Lead, to be its Country Director.

Having been with Coven Works from its inception in 2018, this is a move to reward his outstanding performance and his contribution to the growth of Data & Artificial Intelligence skilled professions in Nigeria, while at the same time ensuring the culture of the firm is well preserved and sustainably directed into the plans of the organization.

The American company has enjoyed a lot of market reception. Currently, more organizations are opening up to the technological revolution Coven Works is leading by sponsoring the re-Education of African Youths with high in-demand skills. We can say that it truly takes a visionary to lead the focus of the firm in Nigeria and tandem with the overall vision of the organization.

“We need more eagle eye champions like Dunsin Fatuase in every smart economy and I strongly believe that our operations just got a new spike with this installment. We are strongly behind him in moving the Nigerian Office to a remarkable point” said the CEO/Founder of Coven Works, Mr. Sola Amusan.

In a chat with Mr. Dunsin Fatuase, “I believe that the definition of life has drastically changed and I consider it a privilege to do what I love by driving the African workforce to a point where we can enjoy the benefits of the changing world economy through this new role.”

Over the years, several organizations like MainOne, The Edo State Government, Amazon, Google, GIZ-NIGERIA to mention a few have in more than one way recognized the efforts of Coven Works in driving technology education to the grassroots.

As Nigeria records a fast-growing need for a competent technologically driven workforce, we can expect a more strategic approach in tackling the skill gap on the African Continent.


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