Crowdyvest Launches Hassle-Free Bus Hailing With PlentyWaka

Crowdyvest is out with PlentyWaka, its business-style bus riding service in Lagos, offering daily commuters the ability to move from point A to B in comfort, style and safety with a few taps on their mobile device.

PlentyWaka commences operation today, September 16, 2019 in Lagos State as a disruptive platform that wants to give commuters a new experience.

What to know about PlentyWaka

Simply put, PlentyWaka is a technology-driven bus sharing solution, designed to allow users to schedule their rides from their preferred pick-up locations to their desired destination and receive real-time information about their rides thus offering every-day commuters convenience, safety and comfort in their daily commute.

It features better, efficient and comfortable vehicles suitable for the structural outlay of the city of Lagos.

In other words, PlentyWaka takes into consideration the lapses of the current transport system and aims to become a key player in the alleviation of congestion in the capital city.

How prepared is PlentyWaka?

PlentyWaka appears ready for the task ahead. The service is commencing operations with 25 brand new buses to ply the Ajah-CMS route and is equipped with modern payment solutions including card payment and an in-app wallet to encourage cashless transactions that will help the users to plan their journeys not only on a daily basis but weekly and monthly.

The first set of users can enjoy two free trips on Ajah-CMS-Ajah pilot route after downloading the app.

…The service is commencing operations with 25 brand new buses to ply the Ajah-CMS route and is equipped with modern payment solutions including card payment and an in-app wallet…

The Managing Director, Johnny Enagwolor has this to say, “PlentyWaka is the next step for the future of the transport system in Lagos. Having access to safe, convenient and accessible transportation options is crucial to reducing bad driving, related crashes, and possible eventualities.”

Well, you need to hear from the Founder and CEO of Crowdyvest, Onyeka Akumah, to further understand what this is all about.

In his comment, Onyeka expressed great excitement at the creation and launch of PlentyWaka and its meaningful contribution to the achievement of the United Nations’ SDGs.

“Crowdyvest was launched to foster a broader avenue for economic growth and build a system that will span across Nigeria and the rest of Africa. With the launch of PlentyWaka, we are focusing on innovation and better infrastructure in transportation for everyday Lagosians,” Akumah said.

L-R: Stakeholder, Pastor Debo Omotunde; VP of Customer Engagement, John Shaibu; Co-Managing Director, Enagwolor Johnny; VP, Operations, Afolabi Oluseyi; Stakeholder, Pastor Godman Akinlabi; Founder and CEO, Crowdyvest, Onyeka Akumah and Human Resources Manager, Oluwakemi Adeitan.

Why you need to try PlentyWaka?

As a platform that has eye on the UN’s SDGoal, PlentyWaka is actually about value addition. It is targeted at providing its riders with comfort, security and reliable rides at pocket-friendly rates.

The technology-driven platform is also the first and only bus-hailing platform that creates an avenue for individuals to venture into the transportation industry by sponsoring project units and receiving returns at the end of their sponsorship.


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