Cute Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes

A typical Nigerian Wedding is never complete without a traditional wedding, attire and a cake too.

These cake styles not only wowed us but showcases the importance of our cultures and traditions as a nation. Elegantly baked with a touch of colors selected by both families.

Looking forward to a memorable 2016 cake year.

1. Traditional attire theme

The Typical Eastern/Southern Nigerian traditional attire often worn for important occasions.

CAkes 2

2. Kola nut theme

Kola nut signifies long life which is the prayer and desire for any couple. The talking drum showcases the Western tradition of Nigeria, Yoruba.

Cakes 1

3. Car theme

The Limousine, now that’s a new one. Well I’d say that looks like an Eastern Nigerian Wedding.

Cake 10

4. Fruits

Fruits on a wedding cake signify abundance, fertility and fruitfulness in the marriage.

Cake 9


5. Fashion theme

A traditional Nigerian wedding is never complete without the head gear and local beads. Word over Nigerians are quickly noticed for their elaborate head gear popularly known as “Aligogoro.” These are specially worn to adorn the bride on her special day. What better way than to showcase these elements in the traditional cake.

Cake 7

6. Gift box

And yes the “Box of Clothes.” in Hausa it’s called “Kayan Akwati.” This forms part of the compulsory dowry payments/gifts presented to the brides family from the groom’s. It contains different items from wrappers, to undergarments, to jewelries, shoes and cosmetics. It’s an indication that the intending groom is fit to take care of his future wife.

Cakes 3

7. Traditional wedding theme

A Yoruba attire “Aso Oke” replicated on a wedding cake.

Cakes 7

8. These are just too cute

The ‘awwwww’ kinda cake.

Cakes 4


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