Dating A Man Younger Than You May Be Good For You, And Here Are 8 Reasons Why

It is true when they say age is just a number. Dating a man younger than you may not be as bad as you think.

When it comes to love, all that matters is who you’re with.

Here are some benefits of dating a man younger than you:

1. He has a youthful nature

His behaviour and activities are still ‘fresh’. They are attributes of a young person. He won’t have to bother you with issues of people your age.

2. You find a modern perspective of life

When you both talk about life and your daily activities, you learn new things about life and society.

For instance, if your boyfriend is still a youth corps member, and you have passed that stage 3 years ago, he’ll tell you about new things during service year.

3. He’s free with you

He feels you are someone he can count on when he needs someone to talk to. Also, since you’re older and experienced, he feels you’re easy to talk to.

4. He respects you

Another benefit of dating younger men is that he will respect you.

You have something above him, and he would surely respect you for that.

He would not raise his voice at you and behave patriarchal. The respect would come naturally.

5. You enjoy having power in the relationship

Your age will make you enjoy that power. Also, that respect that he gives to you will make you proud.

6. He is fun to be with

He knows about the newest places in town to have fun. Also, he has gone to places with his cool friends, so he’ll want you to go there with him.

7. He would listen to your advice

Your man is aware that you are older than him, so he’ll surely want to listen to your advice. Sometimes, he may even be the one to seek your advice.

This is because he believes you know more.

8. He hasn’t been with so many women before

He wouldn’t bother you with all the exes or flings in the world. The level he has attained hasn’t allowed him to have so many girlfriends in the past that could be threats to you.


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