Davido At 26: Here’s What You Need To Know About His Early Life

Davido (born as David Adedeji Adeleke) is a young man, who has made so much influence in the music industry over the years; there are a lot to know about him besides being on stage which is what this article will reveal to you.

Born as David Adedeji Adeleke , on the 21st of November, 1992 (26 years) in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. He was born to the family of the wealthy Business man, Chief Adedeji Adeleke and his late mother, Vera Adeleke who was a lecturer before her death. But in 2011, he moved back to Nigeria.

He started and finished his primary and secondary education at the popular British Int’l School (B.I.S0 Located in Lagos, before moving to study Business Administration at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, but did not finish his study there due to his music career and his lack of concentration in school led to him having poor grades, he had to move back to Nigeria to continue his career and along the line studied and completed his education at Babcock University where he got his degree in Music.

In one of his popular songs titled “IF”, Davido claimed he had N30 billion in his account, in another of his post on Instagram, he claimed that the N30 billion had doubled to N60 billion, he also wrote in a different post that he wanted to quit music because he is too rich. All those events has left so many people confused about how much he is really worth, this article is to clarify that. Despite his extravagant lifestyle as the DMW boss, he is worth about $20 million, which on a good scale shows that he is actually rich.

Davido’s love for good cars is out of this world, which is why he spends so much money to make sure he smiles at his garage every day. His most recent car is the 2018 Bentley Bentyaga which he acquired for a whooping N95 million, other cars he has are; Toyota Land Cruiser (N18 million), Porsche Carrera (N40 million), Rolls Royce Phantom (N100 million), Range Rover Sport (N40 million), Audi R8 Coupe (N20 million), Mercedes Benz Sedan (N56 million), Honda Accord, Chevrolet Camro. Also in the year 2017, when he earned over N500 million for his concert alone among other achievements, he had to gratify himself with a Hyundai Sonata which is worth N7.5 million. It can be estimated that his garage is worth about N750 million.

Davido has so many houses, some of which he lives in and others as personal investments. He has three houses for himself; two are located in Lekki, Lagos and the third in Atlanta, Georgia being a U.S citizen. The two houses in Nigeria can be valued to be worth N230 million (N80 million and N150 million), that in Atlanta is valued at $20 million.

On the 9th of May, 2018, Davido acquired his own private jet making him the youngest Nigerian to attain such feat. He bought the Bombardier Challenger 605 jet for N9.7 Billion; the jet has a speed of 870 km/hr and a max. range of 4000 miles and has the capacity to accommodate 10 passengers.

As a celebrity, it is obvious that so many ladies would love to be around him, but Davido has only being with just a few of them; some of which had children for him and others who just had a nice time. They are; Stacey Brianar Brown, Funmi Aboderin, Sophie Momodu, Sira Kante, Nish Kards, Amanda Mandy and currently Chioma Avril Rowland, the Chef. Out of those pretty ladies he dated, he has two who has kids for him.

Things were going really great between Davido and Sophie until they had relationship issues and broke up, unfortunately, she was already carrying Davido’s baby at that point in time. After she gave him the news of her pregnancy, he thought she wanted to use that as a way to get back with him, so he requested that a DNA test should be taken to confirm that the baby was actually his, and voila, the DNA test came out positive, proving he was the father of her child, so he had to take full responsibility.

There have been several controversies which have risen in the past concerning Davido and Sophie and their little child Imade. There was a time he accused Sophie of endangering Imade, but she came out openly to deny the allegations and cleared the air, saying he was only trying to portray her as a bad mother.

Sophie was not the only one who was dragged, it also affected her uncle then, who is a big time Journalist and the proud CEO of Ovation, Dele Momodu. But all that has been settled now and everything is going great for all the parties involved. But before the chapter is closed on Sophie Momodu, let us see a little about her.

She was born on the 9th of June 1987, making her 31 years and as already established, she is the cousin to Dele Momodu and she gave birth to Imade Adeleke on the 14th of May, 2015 (3 years old).


DAUGHTER’S NAME: Aurora Imade.

Amanda turned out to be Davido’s second baby mama. Earlier this year, she took to her Instagram page a post which kinda implies she was still missing Davido and wanted to get pregnant for him again, her post stated that “I want my pregnant glow back”.

Not much is known about her, but what we are aware of is that she was born and is based in Atlanta, Georgia and she is currently 25 years old, her father is from South Africa, and her mother from Togo, believe me when I say she is a beauty queen.

DAUGHTER’S NAME: Hailey Veronica.

Even if you do not know much about her, one thing she is popular for is being a cook. Chioma is one Lady that has really won the heart of the DMW boss and he has not only displayed his love for her publicly, but has also given her an “Assurance”. By assurance, I mean the N40 million Porsche car he bought for her as a gift.

She was born on the 1st of April 1995, making her 23 years old and is from the eastern part of the country (Igbo land), she was in 300 level (Economics) in Babcock University, before she dropped out completely to continue her love life with Davido full time, rumors were out then that she was disowned by her parent for taking such drastic step, but she came out to warn saying “If you are unsure about any news, keep shut”.

More assurance and a step closer to their marriage as Davido took Chioma to his hometown on the 4th of July, 2018 to receive marriage blessings from the Ooni of Ife, in Osun State, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi.

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