‘Dear Nigerian Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Does These Things, Dump Him – Nigerian Slay Queen Advises

This busty slay queen shared a video online advising ladies to dump a man if he does any of these things. The lady said women hardly cheat, unless if a man can’t satisfy them or if the man is a one-minute indomie man.

She said 85% of ladies discuss their boyfriend’s prowess in the bedroom and if he doesn’t last long, that whenever he comes to meet his girlfriend and her friends see the guy, they will be like, “oh, is this the guy that doesn’t last long?

[b]“Men are in trouble. Women talk a lot about their sex life and relationship. So if you are a one minute man AKA “Indomie Ambassador” just know that your girlfriend or wife’s best friend already knows about it.” [/b] She said.

She outlined things ladies would notice about a man and would immediately dump him.


Dear Single Ladies In #Nigeria, If A Guy Does These 5 Things, Don’t Wait Just Move On – @NackAm4Mee .
1⃣ If all he does is demand sex but doesn’t care about your life, mental and emotional health, well-being, family, career, business, future and other very important aspects of your life, then that’s more than enough signs that he doesn’t love, care and deserve you. .
2⃣ If he doesn’t satisfy you sexually but always satisfies himself. Most men are very selfish and always want sex whenever they are Hot but are quick to give excuses when it’s the other way round. Women are naturally givers, they tend to sacrifice often and have sex with whom they love even when they are not in the mood. So if he always turns down your request without any genuine reason, then you need to call it off with him to avoid “stories that touch in the future”. Don’t say @NackAm4Mee did not warn you o. #Na4Me .
3⃣ If he his a two seconds man now popular known as “Indomie ambassador” and he his not willing to seek help to resolve it or do anything about it but rather defends himself and makes you feel like you are the problem, you need to excuse him ASAP.

4⃣If all he does and talk with you is about sex, request nudes and doesn’t care and support you in other very important areas of your life, other than buying you temporary and flashy things that won’t really make you become an empowered woman. Then you need to quickly emancipate yourself from this sexual slavery and bondage you call a relationship or else you will end up being a loser and amount to nothingness. God forbid.


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