“Dear Senator Elisha Abbo, Your Supposed Apology Smacks Of Arrogance And Insincerity” – Kate Henshaw Writes

Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has reacted to the apology of embattled Senator Elisha Abbo over his misdemeanor towards a lady in Abuja.

The actress dubs his apology as ‘arrogant and insincere’ – Elisha Abbo had at a media briefing in Abuja recently apologized to the nursing mother he assaulted at a sex toy shop captured in a viral video.

Kate Henshaw however said,

‘your supposed apology smacks of arrogance, Elisha Abbo! You said “no matter what she did to me”, what did she do except tell you to take it easy.. Your supposed apology is very insincere’.

She went on to say,

‘you were caught in your own lie. You went to prepare a robust response and came back with this hogwash of an apology. We must as a people see things to a logical conclusion. examples must be made saying impunity in any form, from anyone is unacceptable’.


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