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Despite Economic Recession, You Can Still Be Rich. Find Out How….

Do you want to be financially liberated in this present recession era, then try the following three secrets Mr OlorunNi shared on how to be rich in the economic recession.

Mr OlorunNi is a businessman who started his first business at the age of 15 and has spent almost all of his adult life doing business and reading from hundreds of books about business. He said “I have so many problems with our culture and one of them is the over-dependence on certificates, jobs and governments!”. Here’s how to be rich in the bad economy:

1. Forget Your Certificate.

Really, you have to forget it. It’s paper (and a mere paper for that matter). It’s only useful for LITTLE stuffs, little stuffs like getting jobs, political office and you know, boosting your ego, “I am a Master Degree older (or na holder then they call am?)” But why did I call all the above things “little”? Well, apart from the fact that certificate can only get you job and not the joy in the job, most jobs in 21 century are worse than slavery of the 12 century (I won’t go into that today so I won’t create much enemy for myself). Political office and your ego, if you want, go for big certificate because of them. That’s not where I’m going. Pay attention to where I am going. At a time as this, in a bad economy as we found ourselves, what you hold in your hands are NOT as half important as what you have in your head. The job you have could be lost (as many have experienced that in the recent time), the certificates you got from Harvard could be useless. In fact, your salary could become almost valueless (as you can see with Dollar crushing Naira in exchange rate).  The only thing that matters and that could depend on, is what you know and what you could do with what you know. Unfortunately, most Nigerians know nothing significant about how to cope with this time of economic, national crises. How many financial books have you read in the last one year? Up to 10, 5? How many hours do you spend a month discussing business or financial wisdom with friends? Do you even think it’s possible to start or own a successful business of your own, even in this economic hardship? If you don’t task your brain to create a saleable value in this time, you’re poor, indeed! Invest in your mind. Get financial education. Create something valuable and sellable and you won’t believe the Newspapers when they say “the economy is bad” Someone would tell me, “Steve, you know it’s not that easy.”

2. Stop having headache about Buhari’s policies


Buhari doesn’t know you and I’m not sure he actually care about YOU, as a person. He’s a politician, just like most good politicians in the world. He’s kind, good and loves Nigeria, but you know what? The best thing politicians know how to do is to give hope and that by the way is very, very good. Don’t you know? (When campaigning) “If you vote me in, I’ll give job to all of you“. (After election) “If you pay more tax, we would definitely do all we promised“. (After three years) “You see, we have tried, but we still have a long way to go. If you vote us in for the second term, we’ll make sure a bag of rice sells for #300” That’s giving hope and by the way, that is very good, at least for the dumb Joes and Johns who need fake hope. I’m not a political analyst and I don’t even care about politics. But I cry each time I see my fellow Nigerians wasting their time (life) arguing, worrying or even fighting because of election or politicians and their lame policies.

To be rich in this tough time, you have to STOP doing that. I know you’re a good Nigerian. I know you’re patriotic and love your country, but I’m concerned you’re wasting your energy and irredeemable time and precious emotions on things that doesn’t add anything to your financial progress. Why don’t you leave that job for those who were born to do it? Why don’t you mind your own business? Believe me. You can make a better change after you’re rich than the noise you’re making now on social media. Your voice could become much more audible. People could give you a better audience. You could have better resources to waste, after you have achieved some level of financial success. So, stop wasting time and emotions on trivialities. What then should you do?

 3. Be willing to fight (and fight hard).

After spending over many years in the business world (7 of which is hell), I can tell you that, war is not for the weak (ask your grandfather to tell you about Nigerian civil war). Really, if you’re weak or fearful, you’re in the world at the wrong time. You could have come about 200 years ago and you won’t have any problem (because you’ll get good job, even if you’re an average person). To be rich in the present time and era, you must be able to eat the ugly frog (and by that I don’t mean to say you have to get involve in dirty or Illegal things). I mean, you have to be manly (even if you’re a woman). Less than one week after I went fully into the business world, I lost every penny I had. But I was not among those who cry in regret, mourn in sorrow or complain about government. I told myself, “No turning back!” You can go ahead and start that small business. You can read those great business books. You can decide to create wealth, even in this tough time. Though it won’t be easy for you (because it has never been easy for anyone), if you’re willing to forget the certificate and concentrate on acquiring valuable knowledge (especially business and financial knowledge). If you’re willing to ASSUME you have no government and stop worrying about their deceptive policies and promises, if you’re willing to start something, try something, make mistakes, add value to humanity and persistently trying, you will be rich, even when the whole world complains. I have something else to share with you which I hope would help you to navigate safely out of this recession but that would be another day.

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