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Despite Graduated With First Class, Here Is Why Damola Adegboye Chose To Be A Comedian.

Damola Adegboye


Damola Adegboye is one of the up-and-coming comedians who are making an impact in the society with their talents. Even as he is into the business of making people laugh, not so many would know the young man graduated with a first class degree in Political Science.

Damola comedian

In an interview with Saturday Beats;

“I had a first class degree in Political Science in Osun State University. I also have a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Ibadan. I didn’t get into comedy because I didn’t get a job. In fact, because I had a First Class, the school I graduated from retained me as a lecturer. So, I am a lecturer and a comedian. But comedy is what I find fulfilment in. Anchoring event, making people happy, solving people’s problems with humour, give me so much joy. It is also financially rewarding, so why shouldn’t I pick it up as a profession?

“I have been a comedian for six years. Comedy has been natural to me. I have always had a sense of humour even as a child. I got into school and things got better, I started handling school shows and anchoring events. When I graduated from school, I launched into it fully. That’s how I started comedy.

When asked if people would still take him seriously since he is into comedy, Damola said,

“One good thing about me is that I have two broad personalities. I could be very serious and I could be very playful. But then, comedy is a serious business. You need to be very sensitive and intelligent in your creativity. Inasmuch as you are trying to make people laugh, you have to make sure you are not hurting anybody’s feelings. It is a serious work  and it requires a level of intelligence to create a family friendly joke and that is the kind of jokes I do, jokes that impact society without necessarily saying anything vulgar.”

And since it is widely believed that for a joke to be funny, it must be said in Pidgin English, Damola said that is not the case with him.

“I do all my jokes in English. I don’t really know how to speak pidgin. I am a Yoruba guy to the core. I grew up in the South West. All my life has revolved around this part of Nigeria. If you have a sense of humour, you have it, irrespective of where you come from. I don’t think comedy is specifically meant for people who come from certain part of the country.”

Regarding how he intends to break into the already saturated industry, Damola said,

“I have carved a niche for myself. I” am a very busy comedian. I am taking each step at a time. But those that know me still know me. What is most important is to be busy and make money and not just to be popular and not making anything from it. I am not doing badly at all.

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