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Did you know AOP Kemi Smallz is extremely short-sighted? see other details

Trending now on Instagram, celebrities are being asked to tell their fans 20 things about themselves.

City FM OAP Kemi Smallz, popular for her tiny frame and infectious smile gives her fans a little more insight on who she truly is.

Get to know the real Kemi Smallz here.

  1.  My name is Oluwakemi Itari Catherine Owatemi

  2.  My Daddy is from Ondo State, Mama from Bayelsa, Maternal Granny is Ibo

  3. I’m the first of five kids

  4. I’m 5ft tall or short, whichever you choose

  5. I’m extremely short sighted, -8 to be precise, so I wear contacts all the time

  6. I collect lighters, the fancier, the more vintage, the better

  7.  My hair is actually red, it is a genetic mutation caused by awesomeness (if this is a lie depends on how you look at it)

  8.   I am addicted to Coca-Cola ( it is a huge problem)

  9.  My favourite colour is black

  10. I cannot ride a bicycle and I cannot swim

  11. I am in love with Professor Langdon, a Dan Brown character, would love to meet him, Stephen King and Dean Koontz also have my heart

  12.  I like really dark rooms so I have just one bulb in my room that is almost never on

  13. Cartoons make me happy

  14. Dad is an artist( oil on canvas,sculptures and shit), Mum too. Little sis as well( charcoal pencils and embossed cardboards),skipped my side of the family but I love art in any form.

  15. I like power bikes and trucks and huge dogs, boots, sneaks, suya, chicken, indomie and chocolate chip cookies

  16.  I like tents for some reason,so I hang and tie stuff around my bed to create the illusion that I am asleep in one, makes me sleep well

  17. I am of the opinion that stupidity is a character trait as opposed to an insult,so if I call you stupid,please do not be offended, it is how you are

  18. I do not like people so much, people can be weird so I am a mole, I am mostly indoors with a book or a movie or good music or around the person or people that I actually love

  19.  I love LOVE, I wear my heart on my sleeve, one of those cry at the movies even at he happy stuff kind of person

  20. Regardless of how talkative I am on air, when you meet me, I’m actually silent as fuck, ka sa ma observe.

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