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Did you know BeatFm OAP Osi Suave graduated with a CGPA of 4.08? (SEE OTHER DETAILS)

Trending now on Instagram, celebrities are being asked to tell their fans 20 things about themselves.

BeatFM OAP Osi Suave,  popular for his hilarious jokes and vlog ‘Off Air With Osi’, but do you know all the facts about this Nigerian celebrity Osi Suave who gives you a reason to tune into your favourite radio station?

If not, you’ve come to the right place!


Scroll down and find out  more fun facts about Osi Suave!

  1. My name is Osikhena Dirisu Anslem. I hate the Anslem name though. My siblings have fancier names like Amanda, Anderson and Andrew. My folks thought Anslem was super cool way back then.
  2.  I love my job. If I wasn’t on radio i’d be into big budget advertising. My imagination scares me most times.
  3.  I have a horrible temper, thats why i smile and clown around most times.
  4.  I’m great at reverse psychology ask my ex girlfriends.
  5. I am a sneaker fanatic  I had 60 pairs at the last count.
  6. I am an awesome kisser.
  7. I am very mushy, I love the concept of love.
  8.  I can sleep for Africa ask my colleagues at work. I even snore at times .
  9.  I love to travel. New York is where i’d rather live if i wasn’t working in lagos.
  10.  My music taste is impeccable I can tell a good song from the first few bars.
  11.  I graduated from university with a CGPA of 4.08 so yes i’m smart.
  12.  During sex I keep my socks on.
  13.  I wear glasses, my eyes haven’t been the same since my cornea ulcer episode.
  14.  November 1st would make it 5years since I have been on radio professionally.
  15.  I hardly watch TV. My day starts at 4.30am and ends at 11pm
  16.  I actually would have a big ass wedding and as my bride walks down the aisle Praiz would do a piano rendition of John Legends ‘all of me’.
  17. Scared of flying.
  18.  I’m a traditional Anglican. And I believe that God is a factor in how far I have come .
  19.  80 percent of the time I go out alone, especially to the movies or lunch I enjoy my own company and I have an imaginary friend in my head called Morpheus.
  20. I can’t bathe with cold water, it would just ruin my day.

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