How To Differentiate Between Fake And Original Honey

Honey is sweet, nutritious and in high demand. It is used in the production of various products, ranging from food to drugs. Just as original honey is abundant, so also is the fake. It can get really depressing if you buy honey and realize that it is fake and useless.

How can you differentiate between fake and original honey? There are two simple tests you can carry out on your honey to determine its genuineness.

1. The Honey-Water-Test

For this, all you need is a pot or small glass jar half full of water, a table spoon and a sample of your honey.

a. Place the glass jar on a small pot on table where you can clearly see the water.
b. Take a table spoon of honey and add it at one point in the water
c. If the honey dissolves, the it is fake. But if it forms a type of gel or paste in the water, it is genuine.


2. The Honey-Fire-Test

For this test, get a clean piece of cloth or candle wick and a fire source.

a. Rub a small amount of honey on the piece of cloth or on the candle wick. Make sure the honey is just a small amount.
b. Take a lit match stick closer to the cloth or wick. If the cloth/wick does not burn, the your honey is not pure since it might have been mixed. However, if the cloth/wick catches firs, the honey is pure.


Do you know of other methods to test the genuineness of your honey? Kindly share below.


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