Digital Bridge Institute To become Nigeria’s First ICT University


The minister of communication within a short space of his appointment has spent time visiting a lot of places on a mission to have the communication and information technology sector living up to certain expectation. His very short expedition are however characterized by a tendency to give the media something to write about or the people something to worry about.

In his recent visit to the corporate headquarters of Vanguard media limited, Mr. Aebayo Shittu gave a snippet about how Nigeria very soon could have its first Information and Communication Technology (ICT) University in the country. And after evaluation of the current infrastructure at the Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), there’s a strong reason to believe that DBI — located in Oshodi, Lagos — could be the home for this development that’s already gaining fast atention.

DBI, which is currently a Nigerian International Centre for Information and Communications Studies for this reason could be converted to a full ICT university especially as such centres at the moment lack patronage.
According to the Minister, his tour made him realise that the country was sitting on a goldmine that is yet to be explored to its full potential.

In his words, “the centre will be converted to ICT University where people will be trained in the Information Communication Technology development. ICT goes beyond Computer as a course. There is hidden treasure in the DBI which government is not exploiting. The state of ICT facilities in the centre is strong.”

This is a positive development just as much as it’s been long anticipated, given the nature of the educational system and technical institutions in the country, which is lacking in infrastructure to drive the future generation of tech in the country.


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