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How To Distinguish Between A Healthy And An Unhealthy Egg


Eggs are one of the best sources of high quality protein food. They are an excellent source of complete protein (protein with all essential amino acids) Yolk has vital fat soluble vitamins A, E D, K. Since eggs are filling and full of nutrition that boosts metabolism, they also aid in weight loss if consumed in moderation. They are rich in micronutrients like B- Complex Vitamin , Se, Zn that act as immune boosters. They are among the best sources of chlorine and vitamin D.

Is there a vegetarian equivalent of eggs?
Egg is considered as a reference protein. Albumin is the nature of protein present in egg. Any food which has complete amino acid profile is a complete protein. Vegetarian equivalent to eggs are: milk/milk products 150 ml of milk : 5 gm of protein (nature of protein is casein). Other proteins like dal/ soy etc should be complemented with grains to get the complete protein. But we do not consider them as high biological proteins.

Which is the best way/time to eat eggs?
Any time is best time to eat eggs. 1 whole egg or 3 eggwhites can be had with Breakfast or at Dinner to maximise the benefit of calorie and nutrition in complementing the diet.

Are farm eggs really healthy? Are they not loaded with harmful hormones and antibiotics?

There is nothing like farm eggs. As per norms all eggs have to be healthy, with no hormones and antibiotics given to it. Omega 3 rich eggs are those where the hens have been fed flaxseed.

How to distinguish between a healthy and an unhealthy egg?

In healthy eggs, the yolk is thicker and darker and egg whites are dense

Are brown eggs better that white ones?

Different kinds of egg have different amounts of protein content. Also, different breeds of hens lay different colored eggs. There is no difference in nutrition. There could be a taste difference but the nutrition remains same.


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