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DIY: How To Make Peppered Yam Dodo

This side dish is the amalgamation of two popular street food which is fried yam and dodo in pepper sauce but made in a different twist which is more pleasing to the eye and tantalizing to the tastebud.


•vegetable oil
•left over stew or fried tomato sauces
•seasoning cubes
•chopped mixed veg


The quantity of yam you need for this depends on the number of people you intend to feed. Be aiming to use at least a 60-40 ratio of the yam to the plantain. Peel the tuber of yam and quarter into cubes. sprinkle on seasoning cubes instead of salt. That’s the road side frying tip i mentioned earlier in the post. Believe me, it is why theirs tastes so much better than yours. Also don’t forget to add a little water to the oil before frying. Here comes the caveat, sorry, I am going to have to type this in caps. ADD THE SEASONED RAW YAM AND A LITTLE WATER TO THE OIL AT ONCE. Do not split it, otherwise you will be adding water to hot oil which is dangerous. Again, ADD BOTH THE YAM AND A LITTLE WATER TO THE OIL AT ONCE. When you do this, the hot oil will just sizzle a little and continue frying, saving you from injury

Fry the yam cubes until golden brown. What the water does is that it allows the yam to boil first, and with continuos frying, all the water will evaporate, leaving just the oil which will crisp the yam up, ensuring that you get golden crunchiness on the outside and soft fluffiness on the inside just like road side fried yam

Chop the plantain into cubes and also fry until golden

In a wok or a large frying pan, add your leftover stew or fried pepper sauce and let it heat up slowly

Add the fried yam to the tomato sauce and lower the heat a little to allow the crunchy fried yam to soak up some of the sauce, just as you would for the gizzards when making Giz-dodo. Use a fork to test a few pieces of yam to be sure that it is slightly softer than when it was freshly fried

Then add the fried plantain to the pan and stir. Dodo is softer and more absorbent than yam, so you need to have your chopped vegetables ready before adding the plantains so as not to overcook the fried plantains, turning them to mush

Add the chopped veg

and stir. I like to ensure that the vegetables also retain some of their crunch, adding to the overall experience of this dish


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