Doctor Narrates His Encounter With A Lady And Her Abusive Boyfriend


A Nigerian doctor identified as UGO @OrjiOkeOsisi on Twitter narrated his encounter with an abusive boyfriend who brought his girlfriend to the clinic he works in. He had battered her for cheating.

According to the doctor, the assaulted cheating girlfriend was brought to the hospital with a bleeding nose and mouth, and a dislocated shoulder.

He further stated that he gave her the number of DVSRT, but he rejected saying; they were going home to solve the issue amicably.

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Read the doctor’s tweets below;
“Saddest thing on my shift last night. Dude assaulted his girlfriend ‘cos he found out she was cheating, then brought her to the hospital. Time was like 1am. Young woman was bleeding from her nose and mouth. Dislocated shoulder too.”

“Told him to leave the room ‘cos I needed to speak to the patient alone, this nigga refused. Told him again nicely, oga started advancing towards me, asking “who do you think you are?” Dude was huge. Grabbed my stethoscope and stood up ready to swing. I was so scared inside.”

“Finally, he leaves. Gave this young woman my phone to call a friend to come get her. Packed her nose, popped the shoulder back in. Gave her the number for DVSRT. Her friend got here, you know this woman decided she going back home with the boyfriend? I couldn’t believe my ears.”

“Refused further treatment. They were “going home to resolve the issue amicably” Dropped the number I gave her in the bin before she left too. I really hope she finds the strength to leave. Before her life will be stript eweh.”

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