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Dr Kelly Nwogu Empowers Over 40,000 Disabled Persons In Lagos (Photos)

On the 1st of January 2017 as Nigerians happily enjoyed their celebrations with friends, family & well wishers. The great philanthropist of the century, a great young entrepreneur whom disabled persons described to be as generous as generosity itself, as hospitable as hospitality itself,
Dr Kelly Nwogu MD/C.E.O of livelihood homes ltd & livelihood farms  (owners of Blue sea estate int) celebrated his new year with the diabled persons feeding & empowering over forty thousand disabled persons at the national stadium Lagos on the 6th of January 2017.

He completed the empowerment program by giving out lots of wheel chairs, sewing machines ,clippers, electronic hair dryers e.t.c. at this occasion due to the overwhelming joy in the hearts of the dlsabled persons. The crippled danced, the blind danced, the deaf rejoiced.

Dr. Kelly Nwogu discussed on agriculture & how disabled persons could be involved. He personally choose himself to invest on this disabled persons.

Dr Kelly nwogu further said how he feels the pains of what it takes to be raised by a disabled parent, as he recounted the painful memory of how he was raised as an only child of a crippled mother on a wheel chair.

Dr Kelly nwogu has started it you too should be part of it, lets take this people out of the streets & save our generation.dr Kelly nwogu said in this exact words

‘If we do not help them, their children would suffer and crime rate would increase as poverty leads to crime”.

Together lets shapen our world & create a better Nigeria.

Courtesy livelihood support initiative.


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