Dress Well And Become A Center Of Attention Of All Eyes

Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect. Dressing well is a form of good manners. You need not be expensive or bank-breaking, rather it is the ability to know what suits your shape, complexion, status, occasion and being consistent.

Some of the things that will happen when you consistently Dress well:

  • You feel good about yourself and as a result of this, your self confidence increases.
  • You smile more because you have confidence and receive more smiles from people
  • You garner more understanding on the power of being a well dressed woman.
  • You will be surprised that people inherently trust you.
  • As a result of the trust, strangers ask you for directions.
  • Friends and admirers will ask you for style advice.
  • Doors of opportunities will open to you with ease.
  • Some people may become jealous and can come up with insecure assumptions about you.
  • Most people however admire and make good assumptions about you.
  • You receive compliments or kind words frequently
  • You start expecting and accepting compliments gradually
  • People look forward to seeing what you will wear to any gathering and they appreciate it
  • Friends poke fun at you and some starts copying your style
  • Your social circle may upgrade
  • If you are smart you will make money. By giving style advice to people.
  • You may feel awkward trying new style
  • It becomes difficult for you to judge people’s bad style( but you pity them
  • You are preferred for a job/position though you are not the most qualified

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