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Easy Ways To Keep Your Child Out Of Sick Bed

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The habit of cleanliness should be definitely taught at an early age because it has direct connection to the child’s own health and hygiene.

1. Hand Washing: Hand washing is one of the most important hygiene practices we can teach our children. Teach your child how to wash his/her hands with water and soap and properly. It will make them pick less germs.

2. All Round Cleanliness: Do not assume that it is a very early age and children are not in a position to maintain cleanliness all around. We have to teach and encourage them with brushing their teeth, taking baths and washing their hands before a meal. With preschoolers, It is all about setting an example and being consistent.

3. Eating Balance Diet: Give your child a balanced and healthy diet. Meals with plenty fruits and vegetables will help boost your child’s immune system by keeping him/her out of sick bed.

4. Active: Studies indicate that regular, moderate exercise can help to boost the circulation of infection-fighting cells. Some children are so over scheduled with homework, lessons, and other planned activities that they do not have time. Turn off the TV and use the free time for more physical activities.

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