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Educative! 3 Steps Involved In Planting An Ugu Seed (Photos)


This african plant, known as Ugu, is grown in West Africa as a leaf vegetable and for its edible seeds. its seeds produce a special kind of oil used for cooking and soap making.

Its really amazing how how one little seed could produce such a big pulp filled with hundreds of seeds.

Here are steps on how to grow your own ugu seed

Step 1: Once you have a fresh wet ugu seed, scoop all of the pumpkin’s stringy insides out of the pumpkin and into a bowl. You could use your hands or a large spoon

Step 2: Separate the seeds from the flesh and strings. One way to do it is to put the combined seeds and flesh in a strainer and run water through it as you rub the seeds between your fingers, separating them from the flesh.

 Step 3: Dry the seed in a flat plate for 7 days then it is ready for planting.

Water every day and after two weeks, pumpkin or ugu leaves would start growing out

Note Ugu seeds are best planted in not so rainy weather.

Source: Foodiciary


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