Why Emmanuella May Never Make Her Hair – Mark Angel Reveals


The Mark Angel Comedy group has grown with Little Emmanuella doing exploits with her Uncle Mark.

In a recent interview with NAIJ, Mark Angel reveals her parents’ reaction to her new found fame, how she gets paid and how comedy and travelling is affecting her schooling. Read excerpts below:

On her Parents’ reactions to her acting, he said:

They were happy. We didn’t even know that this was going to go big like this when we started. We liked what we were doing and we were doing it for the fun of it. After shooting the comic skits all we do then was to share it with our friends on Whatsapp and they will tell that was funny and that will be the end of it. But later I started to build social media handles to see how more people can view what we are doing. We found out that when people see Emmanuella their moods just change. We want her to affect more people.

On her Parents’ reaction now that she’s a superstar

Just the same way I feel. They are like wow this has gone big. It came as a surprise that we are going this big, when we noticed we told ourselves we have to be serious about it so that we will not disappoint our viewers and followers. That is how we turned our hubby into something serious.

On how Emmanuella gets paid

It’s no longer family-family thing but now business. Emmanuella’s family and I realized that she is a minor now though a celebrity but she is going to grow up. So we need to save for her future. Together with her parents we have put things in place for her.

Emmanuella and Mark Angel during the interview with NAIJ. (Credit: )

On how Comedy and travelling is affecting Emmanuella’s education

It’s affecting her. Before now she was attending a public school and when the stardom started setting in we have to move her to a private school. Even at the school because she is Emmanuella they gave her preferences such that if she said she is not ready to learn they will take it from her. When I learnt about this development I went mad. One day, I took it out on the principal for allowing her to have her ways. Despite the warning they still kept doing that so I changed her school. Despite telling them why I moved her to the school some teachers still give her special attention, it’s a battle. And when we travel outside the country we always look for a teacher even before our landing in that country. And since their curriculum is quite different from our own we go extra length to break it down to her. We always tell her foreign teachers to try to synchronise Nigerian school curriculum with theirs so we can get a balance. And the good thing is that she has learnt some things her classmate has not learnt before.

Emmanuella’s real age

She is six.

People says she is older than six

Looking at her now does she look older than six? Emmanuella looks big on screen like 12 years but when you see her live you know.

What class is Emmanuella

I am in primary two.

Emmanuella’s hairstyle

She will make her hair sometime when she is older and can decide for herself.

No earrings


No earring, low haircut, why

Maybe religion by not only that, it’s in the family too. In our family we all cut our hair, both male and female and Emmanuella in particular doesn’t like it. If you try making her hair she can’t carry it for long as she will tell you it hurts her. There was a time we wanted to travel and I told her fans want her to make her hair, she was like, if I make my hair now my fans will not recognize me again. You know her hair also has something to do with her brand.


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