Why Entertainers Should NEVER Marry Each Other – Tayo Sobola Reveals

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Sotayo Sobola
Explaining the reasons she does not believe an entertainer should marry another, she told The Sun, “I understand the nature of our job and for a man to want to understand a lady who is into entertainment is a whole lot of work. So, you can imagine two entertainers in a home? It is not possible. Ko le werk. One should be able to bend for the other. One should be able to calm the other down. But when both of you are hot at the same time, it is nonsense because there will be problem.

Adorable and beautiful actress, Tayo Sobola does not see as ideal, a situation where an entertainer gets married to another entertainer. The engaged actress said it was nonsensical for an entertainer to marry another as there were bound to be problems.


Tayo Sobola

She also said her fiance who she doesn’t want to talk much about copes well with her busy schedule because, ‘he understands’ and that his flexibility makes life easy for them both.

She, however, suggested that being engaged to a man doesn’t mean that the lady must go ahead and marry same man if he misbehaved. “Abeg leave that thing, dem dey sell ring na. If the man misbehaves, you sell the ring, chop the money and walk away. Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings. Receive the one you can sell when the man messes up,” she advised.

Do you agree with her?

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