Entertainment: Ruggedman, 9ice Dismisses Beef Rumour With New Song Collaboration


Their misunderstanding, which lasted for close to six years, was as result of an alleged love affair between Ruggedman and 9ice’s ex-wife, Toni Payne.

Rapper, Ruggedman and ‘Gongo Aso’ crooner, 9ice, have given a confirmation that they are in good terms as they partner on hot new track, titled ‘Religion’.

There had been suggestions earlier in 2016 that the pair had buried the hatchet, but the belief that both were still hating on each other was still in circulation.

Their collaboration on the rapper’s new joint has left no doubt about the improvement in the relationship of these ‘once upon a time’ best buddies.

They developed a music chemistry that produced Ruggedman’s hit track ‘Opomulero’ in 2009. The song received a lot of airplay and patronage from fans.

9ice reportedly accused Ruggedman of having an affair with his ex-wife, Toni Payne.


Bringing their so-called beef into retrospect, it was alleged that Ruggedman had an affair with 9ice’s former wife, Toni Payne.

The controversy became more heated when 9ice dropped his single titled ‘One beaten, twice shy’, which had a theme of betrayal from people he loved.

According to Payne, she was caught in the crossfire of an unconfirmed allegation when the media tried to link the song to what happened between her and former hubby, 9ice.

Toni Payne

She said, “A man sang a song and for whatever reason known to them, Nigerian Media ‘professionals’ decided to tag it as what it was not, and a lot of Nigerian onlookers decided to help spread it without knowing if it was true or not and unfortunately for me, I was caught in the crossfire.”

“A lot of people formed opinions about me, some even hate me till today for something that was mere fiction. Such is life right? Till today, I still wonder how things got that far.”

“I wonder how things got so nasty. I wonder how a once beautiful relationship turned so sour so quickly.”

9ice and former wife, Toni Payne.


With all the pain now left in the past, fans and the neutrals will be curious about how things pan out for parties involved in the future.


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