ENYE Tech Graduates 3rd Cohort Of Software Engineers

Non-Profit Tech organization ENYE has graduated its third cohort of software engineers in Lagos, Nigeria. The ceremony, which held at the popular incubation center; Seedspace Place in Ikoyi, Lagos attracted dignitaries from all over Nigeria’s technology ecosystem as well as members of the press.

From left to right: ENYE Co-founder and CTO; Emmanuel Ezeagwula and ENYE CEO: Uche Nnadi at the event. Image credit: ENYE

While declaring the occasion open, Uche Nnadi, the Executive Director at ENYE Tech and Emmanuel Ezeagwula, a Co-founder at Enye welcomed guests to the meet up while promising that the event will introduce the audience and Nigerians at large to the some of the most local-driven solutions in the tech space in Nigeria.

True to their words, the engineers who presented their solutions and followed up with a demo session impressed the onlookers with their presentations.

While speaking with Techeconomy’s Saviour Adugba, Mitchell Patrick; a graduating engineer with ENYE Tech praised the company’s strategic outlook for its mentoring program.

According to him, engineers were asked to look around them for problems that they could solve with technology. Then they were asked to build solutions that could tackle these problems in a way that is scalable.

Officials of ENYE Tech. From left to right: Michael Paccione, Uche Nnadi and Emmanuel Ezeagwula.

This methodological approach was vindicated when the engineering teams presented their solutions.

One of the solutions presented was Health E; an app based on mobile that is designed to connect patients with pre-screened health professionals.

The app is set to help combat the perennial problem of Nigerians getting medical advice from quack health professionals as well as buying fake drugs.

A team of ENYE engineers presenting a demo for their solution.

Neonatar, on the other hand, is an innovative advertising solution that combines the reliability of traditional advertising with ahead-of-the-curve options provided by the new media.

In their presentation, the team behind Neonatar explained that their reason for creating the innovative solution was due to the fact the older solutions did not draw enough traffic and as a result were not scalable for advertisers.

Neonatar seeks to solve this problem by placing two-screen TVs at strategic locations where foot traffic can be pulled successfully.

The Neonatar teams listed their growth plan for the advertising solution, and hope to break into the market as soon as possible.

The team utilized data-driven research to come up with the solution that most of the audience members hailed as revolutionary.

Vote Right was presented next. An ambitious election solution that the team hopes to convince the Nigerian government to adopt, Vote Right was developed to help reduce election manipulations.

The Vote Right team built the solution on blockchain technology in order to guarantee the security of the platform, and indeed the voters who will register sensitive data on the Vote Right platform.

Clean it is a solution that was built by another team of graduating engineers.

The central idea behind the application is simple yet effective- to connect people looking for laundry companies with the companies closest to them.

The app will use a location service to detect the location of the customer and match him with laundry companies closest to them. Users of the app can always refine their searches using different parameters.

Lastly, SpaceBarter was presented by the final team of engineers. The solution is a hybrid of an e-commerce site and a marketplace. The app uses location services to show you sellers of products you want close to your proximity.

According to the developers of the solution, SpaceBarter will have the options of a freemium and the option of an upgrade for businesses that want more features.

According to them, SpaceBarter is the ultimate solution when it comes to e-commerce in Nigeria.

A cross-section of the graduating 3rd cohorts student with ENYE officials

Although there is no guarantee that the tech solutions presented will all go on to do well in the market, one thing is clear; ENYE Tech is using the right approach in the African market.

By focusing on solving issues in the community of their engineers, ENYETech has presented itself as an organization that is not just here to take advantage of young software engineers.

They have shown themselves to be an organization that is sincerely interested in the growth of startups in the local communities they operate in.

ENYE Technology is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that is committed to using technology to play a significant role in alleviating social, political, and economic problems.

According to their mission statement, they also believe that by empowering the brightest, most responsible students through mentorship, they can become the innovators and leaders that their communities need.


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