Enyo Retail, Bosch Strengthen Partnership For Automotive Parts And Services

Enyo Bosch Partnership
L-r: Regional Director, Automotive Aftermarket West and Central Africa, Julien Lacoste; Chief Executive Officer, Enyo Retail and Supply, Abayomi Awobokun; President, Automotive Aftermarket, Sales and Workshop Concept & Services, Thomas Winter and Corporate Development Lead, Enyo Retail and Supply, Olabanjo Alimi, at the signing of the Enyo Retail’s partnership with Bosch.

Enyo Retail and Supply, a customer focused, technology-driven fuel retailing company, and Bosch, a global supplier of technology and services, have deepened their relationship through the signing of a partnership agreement.

The agreement will entail the operation of Bosch standard centers as you have in Germany, South Africa or anywhere in the world in all Vehicon centers of Enyo throughout Nigeria.

“The partnership is in the early stage but we are now at the stage where it is clear to us that we must deepen the relationship beyond equipment purchase where we get better trained by them. It is a full gamut of services,” says the Enyo Chief Executive Officer, Abayomi Awobokun.

“Bosch is number one globally. We want to be one of the best in the country so our aspirations led us to the best company in the space. The Bosch benchmark Enyo is targeting is not just about its quality spare parts but trained mechanics, first-class centers, great diagnostics and whatever you expect to get anywhere in the world is what we hope to deliver locally and we feel that Bosch is the best partner and teacher. You will get Bosch service quality in all our locations”, Awobokun says.

Before now, Bosch have been using export model where local companies from Nigeria deploy their products and services in the market with plans open a full-fledged office in Nigeria with local content and local invoicing in naira by October 2019.

“Nigeria is one of the biggest markets with high population in the continent and we want to explore the potentials. We are glad to have Enyo as our local partner. They have competency and the sites and we bring the technical competency and the spare parts so there is a lot of synergy between Enyo and Bosch,” says the Regional Director, Automotive Aftermarket, West and Central Africa, Julien Lacoste.

The number one manufacturer of automotive parts worldwide and also the largest manufacturer of OE systems says they bundle all their spare parts and OE systems in their after-sales services.

“Our deployment come under 3 main pillars; spare parts, workshop equipment and workshop services. Within the scope of workshop services, we have soft wares, technical hotlines and technical trainings. This is what we are going to roll out in Nigeria”, says Thomas Winter, President, Automotive Aftermarket, Sales Workshop Concept and Services.

There is a massive training opportunity by Bosch for the continent and Enyo believes that their team will be part that and also access to massive basket of spare parts. “There will be opportunity for us to look at what they have done in the continent to deepen knowledge and experience of our team. It is an end-to-end collaboration, says Awobokun.

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