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Ese Walters Decries Women Blaming Culture In Society

In a Facebook post that did little to mask her frustrations, Ese Walter, who was in the spotlight back in 2009 for a sexual manipulation allegations against the global senior pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) in a Facebook post has decried what she saw as a disturbing tendency to blame women for sexual abuse.

This is coming on the heels of Fatoyinbo being accused by Busola Dakolo, the wife of Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo of raping her twice within four days as a teenager.

Walter who has distanced herself from the current rape scandal in her post says that the world does not currently honor women even though the world came to be because of women. Drawing anecdotes from the bible and popular media, Ese made her point when she wrote:

From the days of Eve, woman has been blamed.

She spoke with the snake and gave Adam the apple.

Adam obviously couldn’t say no to the damn apple so he told that it was the women’s fault.

The other day I watched a show where the guy said parents should not wear their little girls bum shots because it can lead to temptation 😮

A wife is blamed when the husband fucks another woman. If she was giving it to him back to back, he won’t have time for another.

Maybe if she is cooking sweet fresh meals, he won’t … (fill in the gap)

Maybe if she kept quiet when he was talking, he wouldn’t have beat her.

We have systematically put women in the “let’s blame the female” box, absolving men of all responsibility.

And we think we will be ok like this.

The entire world came to be because WOMAN.

We don’t honour our women.

May the land not reject us.


Since the new allegation against Fatoyinbo came to the public eye, Walter has found herself dragged into it but according to her, she is done playing the victim and has moved on from that part of her life. Just recently, she also clarified that she has never been raped as being widely reported.


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