Essential Tips Of Buying Shoes Every Ladies Must Know

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Buying-a-Shoe-OnlineBuying a pair of shoes can be stressful and it can turn into a disaster.  So, how do you buy your shoes without much stress and struggles when you want to wear them? Here are tips on how buying gorgeous shoes.

Size: Comfort is the new sexy, when buying a new pair of shoes always consider a size that is perfect for your leg and a shoe that is comfortable for you. Fashion should not be painful.

High-heel-shoesHigh heels: High heels are very sexy but they can actually do more harm than good if you are not careful with them. Go for heels you can easily carry and wear around, restrain from buying heels that are too high.

FLATSFlats: Remember to buy flats, flats are so handy and can be easily worn without stress. Buy yourself a pair of ballet flats and be exceptionally comfortable while looking super fabulous.


fp-pumpsBlack pumps: Black pumps are must-haves for every lady, get yourself a classic one. They go with everything.

coloured shoeBuy some shoes with drama: You know all those dramatic shoes, a colourful shoe that will always stand out an draw attention at occasions. Those eye popping shoes are meant to brighten up your outfits.

wedgesWedge: For people seeking a bigger boost, a wedge can be a great option. If the shoe has a platform, the front height will basically make it feel you’re wearing a shorter heel. Plus, wedges have a larger surface area to distribute your body weight across, giving you that much more support.

Trends: Forget trends, if the shoe doesn’t work for your body, put it back and keep on shopping. For instance, an ankle boot or shoe with an ankle strap can cut off your leg, making it appear shorter. That is not a good look for someone who already has short legs, even though it may be the trend.

Shoe soles: Turn the shoes over and examine the soles. Are they sturdy enough to provide protection from sharp objects? Do they provide any cushioning? Also, take the sole test as you walk around the shoe store: do the soles cushion against impact? Try to walk on hard surfaces as well as carpet to see how the shoes feel.

Avoid impulse purchase: Everybody loves shoes and sometimes, it’s tempting to buy a pair of gorgeous shoes that don’t fit perfectly, or even without trying them on. But that’s a big mistake, because a pair of shoes that don’t fit well can do damage to your body, and your bank account. If you find yourself thinking that they will stretch, or they won’t be “that bad”, think again. While a leather upper may stretch slightly over time, you won’t be able to change the length of the foot bed. And there’s no need to buy shoes that won’t get worn.

Be flexible: Everyone’s feet are different, just like shoes. It’s important that the shoes move with your feet, especially when you walk. So make sure the shoe bends in the same place that the top of your feet bend naturally when you walk. If they don’t, you can be sure they will be painful to wear.

Feel the inside of the shoes to see if they have any tags, seams, or other material that might irritate your feet or cause blisters.

If you follow these tips the next time you buy a great pair of shoes, you are sure to get the best.But always remember shoes that don’t fit properly can be the cause of many physical problems, so it’s not worth settling for anything less. What’s more, when you feel good in your shoes, it shows, and there is nothing more attractive than feeling great! So now go out there and get yourself the perfect shoes.


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